Do you have any instructions and or User Guides?

  • We sure do. Select the above User Guides link or simply scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Does it work where I live?

  • It sure does. JetBox works anywhere with a decent internet connection (minimum 5Mbps download).

What kind of internet speed do I need?

Below are the minimum speed requirements. Go to to get your network results.

  • 3.0 Mbps* - Recommended for SD quality
  • 5.0 Mbps* - Recommended for HD quality
  • 25 Mbps* - Recommended for Ultra HD quality
  • *Mbps = Megabits per second

I'm not technically inclined. Is the JetBox easy to use?

  • Most definitely. We have gone to great lengths taking this into consideration and have programmed the JetBox to be extremely simplistic and intuitive in regards to usability. That coupled with our dedicated customer support team whom are standing by to assist you with any difficulty you may encounter, we are confident the learning curve will be practically non existent. 

Is it Legal?

  • Absolutely. First and foremost, let's review a statement made by Tom Wheeler, the Chairman of the FCC. "Twenty-first century consumers shouldn’t be shackled to rules that only recognize 20th century technology." (Read the Full Article). The FCC defines streaming as "public domain" and the content only becomes illegal if you download it. Our system does not automatically download any content, everything is streamed OnDemand. Copyright infringement is defined as the reproduction and distribution of intellectual property. Simply put, downloading intellectual property. Our system is programmed to stream, not download, which makes JetBox legal according to the Open Internet laws upheld by both the FCC and the United States Supreme Court. Absolutely no content streamed through JetBox will be downloaded unless the user is technically inclined and they manually program the system to do so. In other words, no content will be downloaded by default, this is something the user must choose to do. While some applications provide the option to download certain content, we highly recommend you refrain from doing so. Downloading any content may be illegal and if you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk. We encourage users to understand the difference between streaming and downloading as we have explained above. Finally, if you have no interest or technical know-how in regards to downloading, you have nothing to worry about. Our system is not programmed to download any content and is perfect for you. 

Can my Internet Service Provider prevent me from accessing content?

  • Absolutely not. It is illegal from them to do so and the FCC is very clear about this within the Open Internet Act. "An Open Internet means consumers can go where they want, when they want. This principle is often referred to as Net Neutrality. It means innovators can develop products and services without asking for permission. It means consumers will demand more and better broadband as they enjoy new lawful Internet services, applications and content, and broadband providers cannot block, throttle, or create special "fast lanes" for that content. The FCC's Open Internet rules protect and maintain open, uninhibited access to legal online content without broadband Internet access providers being allowed to block, impair, or establish fast/slow lanes to lawful content." (Read the Full Article). The Supreme Court upheld this law once again in March of 2015 in addition to the Net Neutrality (OIO - Open Internet Order) law in June of 2016. 

There are other companies that claim to offer the same service as JetBox. Is this true and if not, what makes JetBox different?

  • That is a good question and one we are happy to elaborate upon. First and foremost our customer service is second to none. We don't simply sell you a product and send you on your way to figure it all out. We aim to be a true replacement to cable and satellite services and that not only goes for our product but how we support our customers as well. We have extremely Detailed User Guides available to our customers making understanding the inner workings of your JetBox effortless. If there are ever any issues with our product we are only an email away to having that issue resolved. We have the ability to remotely access your JetBox from anywhere in the World, which allows us to see first hand what is happening and provides us with the unique ability to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be. Secondly, our hardware is far superior to any product our "competitors" offer. We program every JetBox on state-of-the-art hardware, the best on the market. We don't cut corners here because we are so customer focused. Inferior products have many issues including but not limited to overheating, crashing, freezing etc. In other words, the more reliable the hardware, the better experience our customers have. When a company claims to sell a "similar" product at "too good to be true" pricing it is because their hardware is very inexpensive and poorly manufactured. It is not built to last and will likely burn itself out in less than a year. We have seen this happen time and time again and there is zero way to recoup the cost of your initial purchase, leaving the customer high and dry and with the feeling they have been taken advantage of. Do not be fooled by imitators. There are other companies out there attempting to pass themselves off as JetBox using similar names or variations of JetBox. If your product isn't branded JetBox, it is not built to last and there is no support infrastructure backing your purchase. Most box sellers are not established companies with a reputation to uphold. They do not care about their customers and are notorious for fly by night business practices. Here today, gone tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are people that prey on the unsuspecting especially when it comes to selling a product that can be difficult to fully understand without an advanced degree in computer science. We have a reputation of consistency, reliability, and customer support. We pride ourselves on being the best streaming service available today. We have and always will stand behind every JetBox product. Lastly, nothing else on the market offers what we have in regards to our user interface and and overall user experience. Every detail has been through a painstaking process to ensure any user can intuitively navigate our system. Our hardware, software and dedication to our customers is what sets us apart. 

What do you recommend using to watch OnDemand Movies and TV Shows?

  • OnDemand content such as Movies and TV Shows are the flagship service of JetBox. Our goal is to offer the most reliable and enjoyable experience using this service. Our Movie and TV Show addons are listed in order of recommended use, Exodus, Velocity, and Salts and everything else that follows is just extra. We recommend Exodus for nearly every option, however, you may come up empty handed on occasion when searching for a more ambiguous Movie and or TV Show. In cases such as this we have additional addons (Velocity, Salts etc.) available to aid you in your search. Furthermore, in the rare case Exodus may function any less than reliable, we also recommend using Velocity, and or Salts. Between these 3 addons there should be nothing you won't be able to find.

I want to watch a show that airs the same day. Can JetBox do this?

  • It sure can. That's the best part about our technology. No more waiting. We give you same-day access to all your favorite programming, in most cases before cable can provide it to you.

What about premium channels?

  • Yup, and not just the latest shows, but every episode from every season of every show ever made available on those respective networks. We even have Popular streaming service's Original Programming. The JetBox has everything, and we mean everything.

Can I watch Live TV?

  • Yes. The JetBox will give you access to Live TV, Live News, Live Sports, Pay per view content and more. That said, Live TV can often be hit or miss in regards to stability given the nature of the content. As such, we have programmed many sources available for our users to choose from. Under every Category there are usually an average of 10 sub categories. In order to access these sub categories you will need to scroll to the left or right. Every Live TV option we have programmed is free with the exception of IPTV Live. For a truly reliable and consistent Live TV solution we recommend using IPTV Live. IPTV Live is a third party service we highly recommend, however, that service comes at a fee of $6.99 per month (we have zero affiliation with them and we do not receive any proceeds from this company for your subscription). We recommend the IPTV Live service to our customers if they truly desire a reliable Live TV resource. That service offers a very similar experience to a "full package" satellite service. If this is something you may be interested in, simply launch IPTV Live and follow the instructions in regards to creating an account. It is as simple as creating a username and password and donating to the service via PayPal.

Can I watch Live Sports?

  • Most certainly. We have Live and OnDemand sports available. Every Live Sports option we have programmed is free with the exception of SportsAccess. Sports Devil, Hunter Sports, First Row Sports etc are the top three Live Sports services we recommend. They are pretty intuitive in regards to choosing between baseball, football, boxing etc. and offer a great solution to free live sporting events. On the downside, the quality is usually SD (standard definition) and typically multiple sources need to be selected before one plays. For the more discerning sports enthusiast we offer SportsAccess as a solution (we have zero affiliation with them and we do not receive any proceeds from this company for your subscription). SportsAccess is a premium third party service that can be purchased in the form a 24 hour pass (if you were inclined to simply watch a PPV fight) or up to a 3 month block. All SportsAccess programs are broadcast in full HD (high definition) and work flawlessly. In addition to having every Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey game, from every major league SportsAccess also offers every other Sports like Golf, Tennis, PPV fights in addition to International content like European Football. What's more, they also have a number of premium Sports based Live TV channels as well as non Sports related Live TV channels. They offer a fantastic service are second to none. To register for an account please head over to SportsAccess and create an account. Once your account has been created simply select your plan follow the instructions in regard to payment.

Will JetBox stream local channels?

  • Depending on where you live our system will deliver Live local channels without any additional effort on your end. For instance, say you live in a major city like NYC or LA. Our system will stream local channels effortlessly. But, if you live in Alaska our system will not stream local stations (it will still stream NYC/LA etc channels). That said, to continue broadcasting local channels you can do one of two things. If you currently have cable, simply connect the coaxial cable that runs into your cable box directly into the back of your TV. This option will provide all local channels at no cost to you (please note, most cable services are going completely digital and this option may not work). The second and fail proof option is to purchase an HD antenna. Once the HD antenna is installed you will be able to have access to all local channels at no additional cost to you.

Do I need one JetBox per TV?

  • The short answer is yes. But we recommend getting one to start with so you're comfortable with the system, as to not over commit. Once you witness first hand what JetBox is capable of in addition to the tremendous value it provides, this will become a non issue.

Can I record a show to watch it later?

  • The JetBox is the ultimate DVR. It has everything OnDemand so it basically records anything and everything without you ever having to set it. Watch what you want, when you want. There is no need to record anything ever again.

Can I hook up my JetBox to my surround sound system?

  • Yes. You will need to locate the "SettingsMbox" application. This app is located in the middle/bottom of the screen in the form of an icon that looks like a circle with mini circles inside of it. Open SettingsMbox and and simply navigate to Advanced (3rd button on top between Display and Other) and then scroll down to "Digital audio auto-detection" and make sure that is set to Off. Then go 1 click below that and select "Digital audio output" and change settings in there from PCM (selected by default) to either "SPDIF passthrough" or "HDMI passthrough". We cannot tell you which of these two options will be compatible with your surround sound but we can tell you it will be one of these two options.

My Display seems somewhat cropped. Can I resize the display?

  • Yes. You will need to locate the "SettingsMbox" application. This app is located in the middle/bottom of the screen in the form of an icon that looks like a circle with mini circles inside of it. Open SettingsMbox and and simply navigate to Display (2nd button on top between Network and Advanced) and then scroll down to "Display Position" and press up or down on your remote until you see the white borders touch the borders of your screen. Once you have adjusted this to your liking, simply select the back button on your remote until you return to the home screen.

What about a warranty?

  • We have you covered. Each JetBox comes with a 1 year warranty. Please understand we are not responsible for the loss of certain TV channels that may no longer be available for free on the Internet. If you encounter any issues with the software or hardware components of your JetBox, please email us right away and we will repair or replace your JetBox free of charge.

I'm getting a lot of buffering when watching a show or movie. How do I fix this?

  • This typically is the result of one of two things. Either a bad network connection or an overloaded/unreliable server (source of where the content is coming from). Your network connection can be ruled out by simply running a speedtest. Go to to get your network results. A minimum of 5Mbps download is required to stream without buffering. Once the Network is ruled out than the issue would be server specific. The best way to troubleshoot this is to simply select a different stream. Typically there are over 500 streams to choose from so if one is buffering simply go back a step and select a different stream. That said SD streams have considerably less buffering than HD streams. The way the files have been compressed preserves the quality but reduces the file size, which lends to less buffering. So much so that 9/10 times you will not notice a difference between SD and HD streams, with the exception of zero buffering.

Please DO NOT adjust the Appearance Settings unless you A.) know what you're doing or B.) want to pay to ship it back to us ($50 reprogramming fee applies).

  • Didn't heed our warning? Chances are all your User Interface and Addons are gone. That's why we told you not to do what you just did. Email us and we'll help you out. As a general rule you should stay out of Settings altogether.

I didn't touch any settings but my JetBox seems to have lost all the menus and or shortcuts to my favorite content.

This is very rare, but has been know to happen on occasion. You will need to restore your guisettings file. Don't know what that means? Don't worry, it's very simple, just follow the 5 easy steps below:

  • 1.) Please go to Programs and open Community Portal / Maintenance / Backup/Restore My Content / Restore My Content / Restore Local guisettings file.

  • 2.) After that they will be prompted to select "OK".

  • 3.) Once you select OK a menu will appear. Please select select backups.

  • 4.) Then select the file (we listed the file numbers as 1.2.3 but that is just an example, your numbers will be different).

  • 5.) Select "Yes, Fix".

Please allow the system to update itself. Once complete, restart the system and relaunch Kodi. This will restore the settings to where they need to be.

What is the difference between the JetBox G3 and the JetBox G6?

  • The biggest difference between the G3 and the G6 is the G3 has 1GB of RAM (processing capacity) with 8GB of ROM (internal storage) and the G6 has 2GB of RAM with 16GB of ROM. Both the G3 and the G6 are wireless ready but only the G6 is 2.4/5GHz capable. What that means is it can run on a dual band wifi network where the G3 can only operate on a single band 2.4GHz network. Both can connect via wifi or ethernet but we recommend connecting via ethernet if you can. If connecting via wifi the G6 would be the better choice. The G6 also has an upgraded processor so if you're inclined to video conference, play games downloaded from the Google Play Store or any other number of tasks outside of watching free movies and tv shows, the G6 has more than enough processing power to facilitate those requests. As to what system you should consider purchasing, that really depends on your personal needs. The G3 is an excellent choice if you simply want to watch movies, sports, tv or any other free video content. If you're looking to really turn up the functionality and leverage all a Smart TV has to offer than the G6 is the way to go. We offer the G6 at only $100 more than the G3 which is a tremendous value considering everything that is has to offer.

I want to watch International Content. How do I do this?

We have made accessing International Content extremely easy. Simply select the Star in the bottom left corner of your screen. Once selected, a menu will appear to the right of your screen. Scroll down 1 item and select from one of the three included Live International Channel sources. See page 38 of the User Guide for additional details.

Additionally you can go to Addons / Videos and then select from one of the sources below.

  • BBTS
  • cCloudTV
  • Halow Live
  • Channel Pear
  • Operation Robocop
  • Phoenix / Crusader 88
  • Navi-X / Search (type language you're looking for)
  • For more International content go to Programs / Addon Installer / World Section (then choose country) / Select the Addon you wish to install and choose Install. Wait for that to install and then select OK. Exit out of that area back to the main screen and go to Addons / Videos. The installed addon can now be located in alphabetical order.

I have children, what about parental controls to limit explicit content?

  • We understand your concern. Parental controls may be setup very easily. To do this simply go to Addons / Programs / Maintenance Tool / Parental Controls / Settings / Parental Control. Once here you will need to Enable Parental Controls, Set a "watershed" rating e.g.; PG-13 etc and set a PIN to access content above that threshold. There is one last step and that is to LOCK parental controls with an additional level of security so they cannot be accessed/adjusted by unauthorized users. This can be Locked/Unlocked by entering the PIN you have chosen.

How often does JetBox auto update?

  • Almost everyday. There is nothing you need to do on your end as the updates will occur automatically, as long as your JetBox is powered on and connected to the media source.

Can you provide supporting APK files? Yup. Most won't need these but for those who do, here you are.

I just got my JetBox. Do you have basic setup instructions?

Do you have any user guides that explain how to use my JetBox?

Do you have user manuals for the upgraded remotes?

Do you have marketing collateral for the affiliates to use?

  • Yep. You're going to need a program like microsoft word or adobe acrobat in order to add your own telephone number, email address, website etc. Our marketing collateral is available for free by downloading here Marketing Templates

Genesis seems to be malfunctioning. How do I fix it?

  • Genesis has been retired and it's successor is here. That successor is called Exodus and it's better than ever. Follow this link to install Exodus today. Install Exodus 

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