G6 Trackpad Remote
  • G6 Trackpad Remote
  • G6 Trackpad Remote
  • G6 Trackpad Remote
  • G6 Trackpad Remote

G6 Trackpad Remote

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Brand: JetBox

Product Code: G6 Trackpad Remote

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Tired of typing all your searches on the screen with the included remote? Then this is the perfect compliment to your JetBox. The upgraded 2.4G Smart remote is not IR based and therefore does not require line of site to operate. It features a full integrated keyboard and trackpad with Six-Axis Gyroscope capability, which is especially handy for playing games and or general ease of use. The Keyboard is backlit illuminated and has an auto on/off feature to conserve battery power when not in use for longer than 5 minutes. The remote also features a built in microphone for quick web or programming searches. It is completely rechargeable and also includes a mini USB adaptor It doesn't get any better than this (compatible with the JetBox G3, G4, G5 and G6 systems). 

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