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As a JetBox affiliate you will have the ability to share this technology with your friends, family, co-workers or anyone that would like to save hundreds or thousands a year by canceling thier cable service. JetBox offers true Zero Fee TV and the world is just learning about our amazing product, which places our affiliates in an unique position to capitalize on this emerging global market. As an affiliate with JetBox you will be assigned a unique URL so each time your customer visits and buys our prooduct from your link, you will be credited for that sale. Our product is so incredible we expect this to go super viral and as a JetBox affiliate your only job is to spread the word. The more you do, the more commissions you stand to earn through our powerful affiliate program. Welcome to the JetBox affiliate team. Welcome to Zero Fee TV and being a part of a movement that is changing home based entertainment forever.

It is absolutely free to become a JetBox affiliate. As a JetBox affiliate you will make a 20% commission from each sale when a customer buys from your link. If you wish to make even more commission we offer incredible bulk pricing starting at a minimum purchase of 10 units, allowing our affiliates to make up to $150 in commission per sale (Based on $300 MSRP).

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